Not long ago, Yellow Page books were a familiar sight; you came home to a bright yellow book on your doorstep. However, with the digital transformation, Yellow Pages Group needed to produce an equivalent resource online, accessible by web, social, and mobile. The company is the largest directory publisher, connecting consumers and business. Large organizations like them process and use information at light-speed, but without information management how does any company ensure data is accurate and consistent? The answer: governance, tools, rules, and policies. In other words, master data management (MDM).

Many Merchants, One Data Picture

Yellow Pages Group keeps track of nearly 1.6 million merchants and 300,000 advertisers. It is extremely important for them to provide a directory that is as complete, accurate, and rich as possible. They use MDM to review content for accuracy and relevancy, and track content, behaviors, consumer profiles, and actions. They needed a solution that would allow them to merge multiple sources of information and link it to existing or new merchant records, thus creating a master record associated with each business.

With MDM technology, Yellow Pages Group has a system in place that monitors data sources to ensure that data is matched to existing records before adding or modifying a merchant record. While Yellow Pages ensures organized and clean data, major search engines (Google and Yahoo) also depend on the publisher’s web and mobile properties to deliver accurate information about businesses.

Recognized for Leadership

Today, consumers search for businesses in different ways. Historically, they started by finding particular categories in a printed book. Today, searches are much more interactive and based on location using a mobile device, so content needs to be organized and delivered in that format.

Gartner recognized Yellow Pages Group for their leadership and excellence in its enterprise information management (EIM) initiatives. The company showed important elements of information management, particularly its efforts leading to improved business processes.

Watch the Yellow Pages Group customer video to learn more about their experience with TIBCO MDM.

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