TIBCO Software is a great place to work, with intelligent, energetic employees who contribute to the success of the company and love what they do each day. We are back at it with another interview with two awesome TIBCO employees. Jenny Chen, a UX Visual Designer, and Lead Visual Designer Robert Mangrobang, both based in the Palo Alto main office, share what they enjoy about their jobs at TIBCO, how they make a difference, and more.

The TIBCO Blog: What does the User Experience department look like for you, in your role?
Jenny Chen: As a visual designer on the UX team, it’s not just about making a product pleasing to look at, but really about bringing in the ease-of-use for the end user. It’s about collaborating with everyone on the team to ensure that the visual decisions being made really elevate the intended interactions and use of the product.
Robert Mangrobang: User experience is filled with a great deal of challenges and obstacles, none of which are beyond achieving viable solutions. It’s a long road of trial and errors—there isn’t anything existing to use as a model when you are innovating. That said, I see a number of individuals collaborating to take complexity and distill it down to intuitive and delightful experiences.

TTB: How does your work impact TIBCO’s customers?
RM: Our customers use and depend on our applications. We take into account the end users’ needs from the start when designing the flows and interface. Providing users with ease-of-use, trust in their data, and command of the process is the ultimate goal of our work.

TTB: What was your biggest achievement in the last year?
JC: Definitely the beta release of Simplr. Though it was largely a group effort, I was happy to see that some of my design suggestions had made it into the release. We hope to continue to refine the product before general availability and I’m grateful that I get to be a part of that.
RM: The visual design team pulled off a herculean feat by designing the Cloud First style guide and UX pattern across multiple screens—all of which was completed in a short duration of two-and-a-half weeks.

TTB: Why did you choose and why do you stay at TIBCO?
JC: Company culture is a big factor for me when deciding where to build my career, and TIBCO’s company culture, specifically in the UX department, was definitely something that caught my eye. There’s lots of energy everywhere with innovative ideas coming from creative minds. I also love the fact that the UX team is broken down into visual, interaction, and front end. It really helps to focus on a specific aspect of a product and also learn in more depth from others.

TTB: What advice do you have to help someone become successful in a role like yours?
JC: Design and technology is always changing and to really succeed, one must keep an open mind and follow the news of the industry. Stay posted about what’s happening and know that it’s not necessary to always follow the trend. Be innovative and think outside of the box, and most importantly, put yourself in the shoes of your users.
RM: My advice for becoming successful in any role is pretty simple: preparation. Being prepared for the task at hand allows you to be productive and valuable to your team. In turn, it gives you the ability to focus on goals and avoid unforeseen challenges.

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