Self-service analytics gives end users the ability to analyze and visualize their own data whenever they need to. This democratization of data and decision-making can be scary to those responsible for data security and governance. But self-service analytics capability is something that data scientists have grown to expect, business analysts need, and business managers desire. To successfully address the full spectrum of self-service analytics requirements, from governance and data access to ad-hoc analyses, requires diligent collaboration between business, IT, and analytics functions, and requires central buyers to adapt and learn from a burgeoning suite of best practices.

On Wednesday, May 13 at 1pm ET, please join us for a webcast featuring Dan Vesset, IDC Market Analyst and Program VP of Business Analytics and Big Data, wherein Dan will present the best practices for deploying pervasive self-service analytics. He will also discuss the benefits, common pitfalls, recommendations, and lessons learned from his vast experience in the industry.

Dan has 15 years of experience as the lead business intelligence software analyst with IDC. At IDC, he conducts quantitative and qualitative market research for the analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing markets.

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