As data complexity and volume grow, the one-dimensional output of traditional business intelligence systems is only painting half of the picture. While ERP and CRM solutions continue to play an important role in decision-making, they must be complemented with other forms and sources of data such as unstructured and end-user data to complete the picture.

This massive shift in philosophy, driven by an explosion of data, customer-centricity, and new technology, is forcing companies to take a long, hard look at their entire BI strategy; they won’t stay competitive if they don’t.

An emerging next generation analytics program is emerging, referred to as “Systems of Insight” (SOI) by Forrester. An SOI combines traditional BI with self-service analytics into one cohesive initiative capable of analyzing structured and unstructured data. An SOI empowers decision-makers to generate insights and make contextually relevant and timely decisions.

Join us for a webinar featuring Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research’s BI Practice to hear recommended strategies for building this Next Generation of Analytics, Systems of Insight. See how this strategy is brought to life by the Spotfire analytics platform. Register to learn more.

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