For a long time users have been able to use Spotfire to tell a compelling story with their data. Spotfire Cloud now offers an additional way to enhance the story through the use of Annotations.

Bookmarks and text-areas have been the “go to” way to add a narrative around your data. With Annotations, it’s possible to add a comment directly on the visualizations itself.  Just choose “Insert>Annotation” from the menu and a new note will be added to the canvas. The font and color of the annotation can be customized for each, or use the Theme editor to apply a global style.

Annotations can be configured to fully display when the analysis opens, or iconized so that the user can choose which annotations to view:

annotate icon Spotfire Tips & Tricks: Telling a Story Using Annotations

Spotfire Bookmarks will capture the current visibility settings of all Annotations. This provides a great mechanism for storytelling. Each bookmark can step the user through a different set of visible annotations.

Next Steps:

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