TIBCO Trailblazer Awards recognize individuals and businesses accomplishing substantial business results using TIBCO technology, and demonstrating ingenuity and thought leadership in meeting the demands of the digital consumer. At TIBCO NOW 2016, Norfolk Southern, one of four major railways in the US that transports materials and finished products, received the Pioneer award for innovation that transforms IT into a competitive asset able to drive lower total cost of ownership, improve workflows, and increase agility.Norfolk Southern was motivated to implement digital business transformation to better understand operations and optimize asset utilization underpinning business goals. The organization leveraged the TIBCO Fast Data platform to create a central model that reflects the current state of the railway using vital data from multiple sources: Internet of Things (IoT), internal legacy systems, customer and industry interchange, and others. Using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO BusinessEvents, and TIBCO Spotfire, the company dramatically streamlined and eliminated multiple views of operations. The accomplishment enabled significant improvement in asset utilization with optimization of terminal operations, more efficient use of railcars, improved customer service, and increased competitiveness.

“The TIBCO benefit is really across all the platforms. It enables near real-time, concise, coherent data. It enables us to save a lot of development time because we have centralized business rules, and it just makes time to market a lot quicker. TIBCO really allows us to complete projects faster and more efficiently,” said Fred Ehlers, vice president of Information Technology at Norfolk Sothern.

As a TIBCO Trailblazer award winner, Norfolk Southern will become a featured TIBCO reference customer in 2016 with a new video testimonial and case study. Watch the Trailblazer Award video vignette here.

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