SSV Uses Spotfire for California Drought Analysis

Despite current El Niño conditions, the drought crisis in California has gone from bad to worse over the past few years. It’s a serious issue that is limiting statewide water supplies for farmers, cities, businesses, and residents in general.

Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV), a non-profit organization focused on environmental improvement and resource conservation in the south San Francisco Bay Area, has been monitoring California drought variables for some time now. To modernize its analytics capabilities, SSV recently integrated TIBCO Spotfire into its workflow—allowing the organization to better process and visualize drought data. Prior to deploying Spotfire, the SSV team was using Excel grid sheets to track information, but that required extensive manual updates (as you can imagine) and lead to static visuals at best.

The TIBCO Spotfire analytics team partnered with SSV to enable the organization to gain deeper insight into its data on the current drought situation, more easily track trends occurring over time, and take action based on this information.

With Spotfire, SSV has been able to create a baseline for all the Bay Area water variables it tracks, manage the wide a range of measurement data it collects, monitor critical APIs on a regular basis, and create a variety of interactive visual reports, such as maps that show how conditions have changed over designated periods.

In the video below, you’ll learn more about our partnership with SSV, and see a demo of how Spotfire has been used to analyze data and create reports and comparisons that illuminate critical elements of the California drought.

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