Executives and employees alike are demanding self-service analytics—access to data and analytics software—to manipulate and explore data, and generate their own insights. However, most companies aren’t delivering on these needs and expectations.

According to a global survey of 800 respondents from more than 50 industries by the American Management Association entitled “Conquering Big Data: A Study of Analytical Skills in the Workplace,” just 26% of respondents believe their company has the ability to meet their analytic requirements, including the need for self-service data discovery and analytics tools that are intuitive and easy to use.

Still, the tools that companies provide to executives and staff need to be more than just usable. They must facilitate collaboration between individuals and teams, and be scalable to support large, distributed enterprise workforces. Additionally, they should address role-specific workflow requirements of individual workers, as well as functional teams.

As employees conduct their work each day—whether this involves fraud detection and prevention, customizing digital marketing campaigns for target customers or evaluating business performance across critical criteria—managers and employees need to have data and analytics embedded into their workflows.

Without access to data, employees, managers, and executives are not able to make decisions quickly—this encourages data silos, and most importantly, leaves line-of-business employees waiting for reports that are built from data that has already gone stale.

Regardless of industry, companies that provide employees and managers with immediate access to core data and self-service analytics tools are able to drive higher levels of efficiency and stronger business outcomes.

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