Imagine your day….You wake up to the beeping of your alarm clock, your smart phone reminds you of important tasks you need to complete that day—like pick up laundry or drop off car for a tune-up, you’re alerted of your days’ appointments and meetings before you’ve even had your breakfast. A weather app on your phone not only alerts you of the rain forecast, but also gently reminds you to take an umbrella before you leave the house. To make your commute pleasant, the built-in GPS in your car alerts you to upcoming traffic along your planned route and suggests an alternative route—so you can get to work on time, make your meetings, and hit the ground running. Viola! Life simplified…

We recognize that data is all-pervasive. Shouldn’t analytics of that data be too?

That’s where TIBCO Spotfire 7 comes into play. Designed to make analytics software simple and easy to use for everyone, its streamlined design and capabilities help drive insights faster than before.

With the Spotfire 7 platform, you can import your data, easily select which data sets to use, get recommendations on the best data visualizations based on the data selected, and take a sneak peak preview of your visualization. With just a few simple clicks and drag and drop capability, you can create either a single visualization or a dashboard with multiple ones for a visually interactive and intuitive data discovery experience. It’s that easy! In under minute you can transform lots of data into a great looking dashboard—ready to jumpstart your analyses and gather insights—without the data scientist credentials.

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