In Brazil, Citibank provides banking services like insurance, loans, credit cards, and investment products, to the commercial banking market with a focus on medium to large businesses.

Banking in Brazil is competitive. “We’re competing against other large banks that are in more cities than we are,” says Roberto Mercadante, senior vice president of Citibank Brazil. “They have branches, and we are going digital. We’re looking to significantly improve customer satisfaction, and for that, we need efficiency gains.”

In 2013, to gain a competitive edge, Citibank began implementing a modern foundation to support business processes, which included TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM and TIBCO Spotfire® analytics. According to Mercadante, “TIBCO’s Professional Services were essential.”

Since the 2013 project, and with global digitalization under way, the bank added TIBCO’s integration platform. Learn how TIBCO helped Citibank meet its digitalization goals and improve customer satisfaction with advancements like reducing account opening time by 70%.

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