Leverage Spotfire






The Spotfire Analytics platform supports a number of data analysis use cases, typically:
  • Data discovery, probing and ad-hoc analysis
  • Interactive reporting and dashboards
  • Domain-specific applications
  • Event-driven real-time analysis
  • Predictive modelling
  • General business intelligence and visualisation.
The particular advantage resulting from using Spotfire Analytics platform is that all requirements – be those functional or non-functional – are delivered from a single, unified architecture.
For instance, there are situations when one would like to have the already created MATLAB® model to deliver data fixtures presented to a large number of users, with various usage profiles, with various access rights, in real time. All the involved aspects – integration, scalability, performance, security, clients’ capabilities, and indeed the core use case, are delivered from one and only architecture. More, if one so wishes, some aspects may be delegated to other components within the IT infrastructure, but still having the original single point of control of Spotfire Analytics platform.

Solution’s method:

The core philosophy of our method is to deliver value to our customer continuously. To use a figure of speech, you may want a super car. If you go shopping around then, more likely than not, you get first some wheels, then the chassis, the body, gearbox, motor, etc., so in the end, some moths after, the car may be ready, but until then the bus may be the only way of traveling.

In a reversed perspective, we would deliver first a bicycle, then a moped, then a motorcycle (the idea should be clear by now), so you have something of use all the time. This way, you may also change your mind on the way – you may get some kind of utility car instead, not the original super car, and be perfectly happy with that. And, of course, any color…

Delivery model:

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Inception[/tabtext] [tabtext]Basic solution[/tabtext] [tabtext]Extension[/tabtext] [tabtext]Full scale[/tabtext] [tabtext]Transition[/tabtext] [tabtext]ROI[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]A one week long engagement when we set-up a functional Spotfire Analytics platform and give you some basics in operating it using your own data. Together with you, proceed to identify your reusable digital assets, in terms of data sources, integration points, existing programs, models and scripts.[/tab] [tab]A one moth long engagement to construct the most significant use case, together with integration, re-use, roles and access rights, necessary training, for that one use case.[/tab] [tab]Within this stage, typically a two month long engagement, we help you to transition the rest of use cases into the platform and train you around those.[/tab] [tab]We set-up the platform for the entire designated user base you desire, including training, so that you own a reliable and sustainable analytics platform, with visible immediate results. This type of engagement is typically three months long. [/tab] [tab]We help you to create your own process to take ownership over your platform. Here we will give you insights concerning governance, management, maintenance of the relevant IT assets. Also how to proceed with change management.[/tab] [tab]Our team will assist you anytime with support issues, authoring, integration, education, changes and updates, professional services, so that you can exploit your analytics platform at its maximum capacity and we can help you to quantify the gains, so you always make the most informed decisions concerning the ownership of your platform. For details see our service offering for Spotfire platform. [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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