We are living in an era of disruptive technologies. No matter the industry or business, every organization is embracing new tools and technologies in order to stay competitive and be relevant. While that is how it should be, new technologies bring with them challenges of user adoption and resistance to change, among other things. The ultimate test for any successful implementation is user empowerment through user adoption.

How can we ensure that users of all skill levels adopt and adapt to new analytic technologies… and thrive?

A key driver for increasing user adoption is ease of use. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But, consider the fact that users are frequently required to learn many new technologies and ramp up new skills to be effective in their jobs. If the learning curve for the analytics solution is steep, then the path to adoption is marred with resistance to change and poor results.

Analytics software is meant to make our analytics lives easier so we can gain valuable insights from our data and make informed decisions.

There’s good news! The Spotfire 7 analytics platform is neither difficult to learn nor hard to use and is specifically designed with the novice user in mind so they can jumpstart their analytics journey right away.

For instance, Spotfire 7 contains a new recommendation engine that makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to explore their data. It recommends the visualization that best meets their needs based on the type of data selected, thereby eliminating visualization trial and error, and speeding up the process of data exploration.

Another factor that helps drive adoption is an interactive and intuitive user interface. For example, a streamlined data discovery experience that allows users to find, organize, and filter through data within their analytics workspace can be very empowering, save time, and reduce clutter.

Faster data exploration and easy access to analytics encourages users as they gain control of their data in order to derive insights and make decisions based on it. They are able to better leverage their data since they no longer have to depend on their IT department.

Spotfire 7 is a unified platform with powerful functionality that delivers faster insights from your data. With recommended visualizations from its built-in intelligence, Spotfire 7 helps accelerate analytics user adoption.

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